Services Offered



We are a group passionate software engineers with niche expertise in Data Analytics in the field of Capital Markets. We possess core competence related to data analytics, ETL, data pipeline and amazing data story telling skills.

As per requirements, we can provide customized dashboard like adding new indicators, correlations, graphs etc.


As a team, we have extensive expierence in complete Trade Life Cycle and the related software development.

If you have a trading desk, be it Equities, FX or Commodities, we can help you in automating your business processes.

If we say automation is in our DNA that will not be a hyperbole. We strongly believe that the boring and repitative stuffs should be automated, so one can focus on more creative and innovative stuffs.




Having worked in the Investment Banking business for more than a decade, each of our team members possess deep understanding of stock market. We have honed our skills and gathered knowledge around Derivatives and Technical Analysis.

We strongly believe in Knowledge Shared is Knowledge Squared. With this moto, we want to pass on our learnings with you and help you become more profitable.