As a team, we bring together more than 25 years of combined experience in Software Engineering and Data Analytics in Capital Markets and Equities (Private Wealth Management).

We have in past developed numerous data analytics product, helping wide range of audiences including Senior Managements across Globe, in taking Data Driven Decisions.

All our team members have worked with and served top global Investment Banks and in cases worked very closely with the institutional traders. We have overseen and worked on products covering the entire gamut of trade life cycle during our professional experience.

Having worked in Investment Banking domain for more than two and half decades in combine, we possess deep understanding of stock markets. We have formal education in Computer Science but our work expierence, lead us to learn the intricacies of stock market under the guidance and mentorship of people regarded best in the business.

Through our learnings, trainings and by working with various traders, we have come up with various Key Indicators that help in giving good insights to retail traders. Our product is built upon these KPIs and the correlation between different variables that help in Derivatives and Technical Analysis of stocks.